Custom Mil-Spec Packaging & Crating

Quality Support manufactures wooden shipping crates that meet MIL-STD-2073, Mil-STD-129, and other Mil-Spec requirements specified in contracts and identified specifications. We have the capability to produce crates for any product, from the size of a fingernail to one that requires shipment on an oversized trailer. Custom Mil-Spec packaging meets the demands that shipping sensitive products require, including protection from physical damage during handling and storage, corrosion resistance, and more.

Military specification packaging, or mil-spec packaging, includes a set of standards and requirements established by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) which ensures goods and equipment are safely and durably protected during any kind of storage or transportation. We also offer custom Mil-Spec crating services with the help of our lumber yard in Scottdale PA. Contact us to start your custom Mil-Spec packaging or military crating project today!

MIL-STD-2073 for Mil-Spec Packaging

MIL-STD 2073 packaging refers to the United States Department of Defense (DoD) standard outlining the requirements for packaging and packaging data for military shipments. The standard identifies all of the packing codes which are compared with codes outlined in the given contract. There are two levels of packing within the Mil-STD-2073 standard for intermediate and exterior containers, including Level A and Level B protection. These specifications will define how the products need to be packed in order to meet contractual requirements.

MIL-STD-2073 packaging is essential for standardizing packaging practices in the military, as well as for suppliers, to ensure the integrity of military products and reduce any transportation and handling risks. There are several important components of MIL-STD-2073, including the packaging materials and methods, unit packaging, packaging data, preservation of packaged products, and recommendations for handling and transportation methods. Contact us for your MIL-STD-2073 crating or packaging needs today!

These codes are comprised of standards for various situations including (but not limited to):

  • Quantity Unit Pack (QUP)
  • Preservation Method
  • Preservtive Material
  • Wrapping Material
  • Packing Code
  • Packing Level
  • Cushioning


MIL-STD-129 for Mil-Spec Packaging 

MIL-STD-129, which refers to Military Standard 129, is a standard practice that provides requirements and guidelines for the labeling and uniform marking of military equipment, shipments, and supplies. MIL-STD-129 outlines the requirements to perform identification on the unit container, intermediate containers, and exterior or shipping containers. Each of these requires conformity throughout the transport process for military equipment.

The standard helps to facilitate the management and tracking of these military products throughout the logistics process. There are several key factors that make up the requirements for MIL-STD-129, which include the marking and labeling of containers, packages, and other items; shipment identification for things like the shipping address, transportation and routing information, and other data; and compliance verification, ensuring the shipments are adhering to the established standards.

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In addition, we have been approved by the Government for foam that meets the physical requirements to MIL-P-26514G Type 1, Class 2, Grade A, B and C.

Mil-Spec Crating Solutions

Both Mil-STD-129 and Mil-STD-2073 packaging standards are used together to determine necessary crating solutions for military packaging. With over 20 years of experience, our crating experts can easily decipher stringent Military Specification codes, ensuring the custom crate manufactured for your products will meet all standards. Quality Support also has extensive experience with Mil-STD-130 military labeling and marking, which defines how parts themselves need to be marked/identified. Identification, marking, and bar code requirements are determined based on your crating.

Mil-Spec Packaging Benefits 

  • Durable: Mil-spec packaging requires protection of the products inside, which means it must be durable enough to withstand high temperatures, humidity, and rough handling.
  • Various materials: Mil-spec packaging materials must be compliant with Mil-STD-2073. These can include corrugated cardboard and wood crates.
  • Resuable and Environmentally Friendly: Mil-spec packaging can be reused to reduce waste and be cost-efficient. The durability of the materials offer many uses for various applications.

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