Nuclear Industry Custom Packaging

Quality Support designs and engineers custom top-of-the-line shipping crates for cold nuclear components. The nuclear industry is a global enterprise which includes all aspects of the production of nuclear energy. 

Navy Nuclear Packaging Components

Quality Support engineers are capable of creating crates to package cold Navy nuclear packing components. We can package navy nuclear components in compliance with MIL-PRF-23199 specifications. MIL-PRF-23199 is a specification for military packaging and marking of mechanical components. This specification ensures the safe shipment or storage of these components by maintaining cleanliness and preventing damage or corrosion. Below are some of the components we are experienced in manufacturing crates for:

  • Machine Components
  • Welded Fabrication

Packaging for Cold Nuclear Components 

We can manufacture shipping crates and packaging solutions for a wide variety of components. Below are a few examples of these components:

  • O-Rings
  • Gaskets
  • Machine Components 
  • Fabricated Components

Cold Nuclear Materials Packaging Requirements

The National Regulatory Commission (NRC) maintains strict regulations for both the transportation of cold nuclear material as well the production of the materials involved in such transportation. At Quality Support, we engineer shipping crates and provide packaging solutions which meet NRC part 71, NQA-1 and RAM regulatory requirements.  The primary objective of these requirements are Prevention of Criticality and Prevention of Damage Cause by Heat.

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