Custom Protective Hardcases

When it comes to storing and transporting valuable items, there’s nothing better than a protective hard case. Although excellent at keeping out water and dust, cases with off-the-shelf interior inserts may not keep contents safe from impact damage. Keep the things you’re carrying secure with custom protective hard cases from Quality Support. We specialize in supplying protective hard cases with high-quality foam inserts.

Benefits Of Custom Protective Hardcases

A road case, which is sometimes called an ATA case or flight case, has a very rugged exterior. It’s the cushioning system inside the case, however, that prevents damage from vibrations, shocks, and other jarring forces. Unlike standard dividers, a custom foam insert has a cavity designed to match an item’s specific dimensions. The foam is soft enough to provide flexibility yet dense enough to provide cushion. Custom foam inserts offer many advantages. 


  • Isolates and protects items
  • Improves item organization
  • Less likely to lose items
  • Keeps control of inventory
  • Creates a professional presentation

Your Custom OEM Case Provider

Quality Support is a leading provider of crates and packaging solutions for critical industries. With our knowledge and experience, we can supply a custom protective hard case with a foam insert tailored for items you need to be protected. 

First, we work with you to determine the appropriate protective hard case for your application. Factors taken into account include case type, size, color, and closure mechanism. From there, we develop a foam insert that features a cavity with the specific dimensions of your item. 

All foam inserts are cut to your specifications with precision equipment. We manufacture hard case inserts from a wide array of foam materials. 


  • Polyurethane
  • Polystyrene
  • Along with other foams


Our custom protective hard cases are perfect for clients operating in a variety of industries.

Examples include: 


  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Military and Defense
  • Nuclear
  • Semiconductor Equipment

Let's Get Started

When you’re working with fragile and sensitive products, standard packing materials just don’t cut it. Safeguard items from damage with custom hard cases from Quality Support. We can meet your needs on time and within budget. 

Contact us for more information about custom OEM cases. We’re standing by to learn about your requirements.


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